What Are We Here For?


Is Something Missing?  Wholeness, Prosperity and Calm

You get up, you go through your day, and there’s always this nagging feeling.  Is this it?  Is this really all I’m going to do with my life?  I feel like I’m supposed to do more, be more, a more energetic me.  But I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to do and be, and I don’t know how to get there.  I just know that this can’t be all there is for me.


If you have these feelings like you’re not really doing what you are meant to do, struggling too much, feeling ‘blah’ about life, then it’s no accident that you were guided to this site.  You’re becoming awakened, and are ready for an energetic upgrade to increase the speed and ease at which you evolve and grow.


You know there is more for you than just going through each day, repeating the same tasks, telling yourself  “I have no reason to feel so dissatisfied, life is pretty good, right?”  Then why don’t you feel complete?  Because you’ve been waiting for something without really even knowing what that ‘something’ is.


That ‘something’ is YOU, the real you, your higher or true self.


It’s time to reconnect to your true self, and discover how you can live out your purpose.  Find out why you are even on this planet!  You can meet and get to know your true self, not just the image that you present to the world every day.  This is your birthright.  It’s why you are here.


You came into this world to be the one and only you, but socialization and conditioning have taught you who you are supposed to be according to our modern day society, and how you should act, to be accepted. This has created a disconnection between our hearts and minds, until we don’t even know who we are, or what we want.  Over time, we have dimmed our capacity to carry light, the key to receiving information about how to connect to Source, God, Universe, whatever name you want to call it.


Our inability to feel anything but our physical bodies, and our dense physical world, has convinced us that this is all there is. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, these are just a few of the symptom we are experiencing from this disconnect. Most of us don’t acknowledge that we are spiritual beings with a physical body, PLUS a “light body” or energetic field.


The key to calming this separation anxiety and disconnection, is to make our cells more permeable to light. When we can hold more light, we can receive information much more easily. We can navigate our time here with a new, higher perspective, and not get so bogged down in the everyday stress of our human existence. We are each able to do this, and I can help you with the process.